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Kim Kardashian Caught With Her Spanx Out & More in Today’s Candy Dish


kim kardashian spanx

Kim Kardashian is just like us — she wears Spanx to help hide all those $1 beers she chugged down last weekend. Or maybe, in her case, it was Cristal. Or baby weight. Who’s to say!? All I know is that Kim was spotted in some really teeny, suede pants and it looks like she maybe enlisted the help of the famous shapewear to help keep her assets looking as smooth and firm as possible. Could it be that she dared to layer Spanx under ultra-tight pants, or are the pants themselves just having a little malfunction? (Keep in mind: This certainly isn’t the first time we’ve caught her and other celebrities sporting Spanx.)

Whatever it takes, girl. Take a look at the other pics and let us know what you think of her bootylicious look!


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