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W Photographs Naked Celebrities In Bed


miley cyrus nude w

W magazine photographed some naked celebrities in bed and the results are quite stunning. Photographers¬†Mert Alas and Max Piggott snapped pictures of celebrities ranging from Miley Cyrus to Pharrell Williams just chilling between the sheets and called the series “Pillow Tweets” because the pictures were first put on social media. There is nothing to hate on when it comes to nude celebs in the most part but I particularly like these pictures because the folks in them aren’t sexualized but have their personalities or different aspects of their personalities brought out. Some of the photos are playful, some flirty and some earnest. In any case you can’t help but admire how the black and white filter reveals each celeb’s incredible bone structure. Check out a few of our faves below and see the rest here.

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