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Brush Up On “House of Cards” Season 1 & More in Today’s Candy Dish



Netflix is premiering the second season of House of Cards tonight at midnight PST (3AM for all us east coast kids). Since you, like me, probably watched the 13 episodes of season one in record time, it’s safe to say we could use a little brush up on where things left off. I remember being bummed *spoiler alert* when Peter Russo died and finding myself vaguely attracted to Claire’s artsy ex, but more than that — please, February 2013 was a lot of Wine Wednesdays ago and my memory is shot.

Thankfully, this is a great condensed (you can read it in 5 minutes) post in where the characters all left off. If you’re in need of a more thorough recapping, direct your attention to The New York Times. They have brilliant recaps for all the season one episodes, and you’ll know exactly what’s going on when you strike out to watch season two.


This is what a “make-out practice pillow” looks like.

What type of relationship should you actually be in?

Loving these candy hearts with a naughty twist

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