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How To Make Sure You’re Wearing the Correct Bra Size (Because You Probably Aren’t)


correct bra size

Let me tell you a little story about how I used to be a Victoria’s Secret Angel.

Okay, I’m totally lying. But I did work at Victoria’s Secret for a little while and I measured a lot of boobs. As accurate as Victoria’s Secrets bra measuring techniques try to be, ultimately, the customer has to decide whether the bra feels right for her. Women can be pretty stubborn about their bra size, so I used to tell them that they weren’t married to their cup size. Breasts change over time and that’s totally okay. What might’ve fit you in your senior year of high school may not fit you in your senior year of college.

Ladies, you have to feel around to see if you’re really felt comfortable in that bra size. Don’t just assume that the size measured for you at a store is perfection. Feel it out for yourself and don’t be afraid of getting a little hand-sy with your boobies. Here are some tricks to keep in mind when bra shopping.

Know what a good fit feels like:

Your breasts shouldn’t be tipping out the front of your bra. You shouldn’t be able to put on a t-shirt and look like you have three layers of boob because your bra is too tight around your breasts. Try a higher band size (i.e. go for a 34 instead of your usual 32).

Ladies, you don’t have to deal with the dreaded side-boob. Your breasts shouldn’t be tumbling out the side of your bra. Try a higher cup-size to solve this problem (i.e. go for a C instead of a B).

There shouldn’t be space between your breasts and your bra cup. No gaps allowed! Your cup should fit snuggly around your breasts. Try a smaller cup-size if your boobies have too much wiggle room.

Follow the two-finger rule. People are so worried about cup-size when, in reality, your band width determines a lot more when it comes to your size. Your band should not be digging into your chest and leaving marks. You should be able to snuggly stick two fingers between your chest and the band, but no more and no less.

The gore (the middle of your bra), should not be digging into your chest. The gore should not physically hurt you or leave a mark on your chest. A lot of women complained about that at Victoria’s Secret and the solution I offered was a higher band size.

Different types of bras fit different types of ways. Remember the shoe rule? Sometimes, depending on the style of the shoe (gladiator sandals, 4 inch heels, sneakers, etc.), your foot needs different sizes. The shoe rule often applies to bra shopping as well. There are so many different types of bras (the demi bra, the t-shirt bra, the multi-way bra, the wireless bra, the push-up – just to name a few). Your boobs might require different attention in each. Some bras also just may not fit as well for your particular breast size. Try on different types of bras. Don’t settle for one particular kind of bra; a better one could be out there!

It’s okay to want a bra that looks right. A bra style may feel right, but if it doesn’t flatter your breasts, it’s okay to keep looking. There are so many different types of bras, leaving you with so many options. There’s nothing wrong with wanting a flattering bra shape for your boobies.

If you do want to get measured by a professional, don’t leave your bra on. I know it’s a little uncomfortable, but that’s why there are dressing rooms! Slip off your bra before you get measured because if you wear your current ill-fitting bra, the measurements could be inaccurate. Bring or wear a light t-shirt with you to wear when you’re getting measured if you don’t want to bear all to the measurer.

Bring a friend! I know it might be awkward, but bring your friend, sister, mom, or anyone you’re comfortable with to bra shop with you. They’ll be objective and honest with you about whether your bra looks right. They can often see whether the bra is hugging you in all the wrong places a lot better than you can. They can also tell you whether the color, design, and cut are flattering on you. Plus, they can run out and grab you what you need while you relax half-naked in the dressing room. Sounds like a good deal to me.

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