Valentine's Day Explained By Your Favorite TV Shows

Today is Valentine’s Day but according to twitter if you ain’t getting the V or the D, it’s alentine’s ay. RAW. How do we define this day? For single people? For couples? For widow/ers? For anyone? We turn to television honestly. Good old TV can always clarify what something should mean to us with funny quips and ironic banter. No but seriously some of the best episodes of my favorite TV shows are V-Day themed. What we typically learn is the value of community and friendship and as I mentioned earlier today: that being single in no way means you are alone. The importance of companionship is prioritized over the need for fleeting romantic relationships. After all bitches be tripping but friends are forever (mostly). As Told By The Simpsons

As Told By The Office

As Told By Futurama

As Told By The Fresh Prince of Bel Air

As Told By The Big Bang Theory

As Retold By The Simpsons

As Told By Parks And Recreation

As Told By 30 Rock

As Told By Sabrina The Teenage Witch

As Told By Family Matters

As Told By Saved By The Bell