Cal Poly Bans Shots, Beer Pong And Drinking Games

Cal Poly San Luis Obispo has banned all students, even those 21 and older, at Greek life events from drinking shots, playing beer pong and drinking games. Under their new “alcohol and party policy” any activities that encourage intoxication are not allowed.

According to The Huffington Post, “Kegs, handles of liquor and cases of beer are also banned at registered Greek parties, as are pitchers and beer bongs. All parties must be closed and the guest list finalized 24 hours in advance of the event. Parties cannot be longer than 5 hours, must end by 1 a.m. and last call for these parties must be an hour before they end. Parties cannot be held on school nights either, but all of those rules can be waived for special events approved by the administration.”

This seems a bit extreme. Clearly the policies are established to protect students (especially after the 2008 death of freshman Carson Starkey caused by alcohol poisoning during a fraternity ritual.) but banning something entirely only makes the act more enticing. Instead of outright prohibiting drinking, why not implement policies that teach students how to drink responsibility? Why not change the culture of drinking? Encourage students to look out for each other and themselves, instead of stigmatizing and building alcohol up to be this big thing that it’s not.

The measures seem extreme and a bit bizarre that they specifically target the Greek System. Couldn’t you just throw a non-Greek-but-really-Greek party to get around the policy?

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