Hillary Clinton Has Some Surprising Career Advice for Young Women

Despite the diversifying landscape of the work-world, women still struggle to find success and respect in their careers. It seems as though if we don’t perform at our highest level every day in the office, what we lack is blamed on our womanhood. If we take charge of our careers and push forward towards success, we are deemed overzealous and callous.

In spite of these setbacks, there are women all around us succeeding and furthering their respective careers. Among them is former Secretary of State and rumored 2016 presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton. As a part of her new Clinton Foundation project, “No Ceilings: The Full Participation Project,” Clinton gives the young women of New York University advice on how to thrive in their future careers. She cites Eleanor Roosevelt, one of the most beloved First Ladies in American history, when telling young women to toughen up and take criticism well. Check out a snippet from Clinton’s talk at NYU!

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