Let’s Real Talk About Friends-With-Benefits Relationships [Watch Live!]

friends with benefits

I’m sure at one point in almost all of our college careers, the temptation of a “friend-with-benefits” or FWB loomed over our heads. It can seem like a fun and a sometimes safer way to keep from getting bored when we’re in between relationships. The odds of a college-aged man or woman entering into a FWB relationship is very high, according to psychologist Zhana Vrangalova’s recent article on the matter. Vrangalova’s research not only highlights some surprising statistics about FBW relationships amongst college students, but also relates to our very own CollegeCandy contributing writer, Stephanie Jules, and her experiences with the FWB relationship phenomenon, which she talked about in a CC article last November.

Because of her thought-provoking perspective and opinion of FWB relationships, Jules has been asked to be a guest on HuffPost Live, the Huffington Post’s live streaming network, to discuss her article. Other guests of the segment will include a psychologist, who will discuss the FWB trend, and a 70-year old individual who is involved in a FWB relationship (who says these relationships are just limited to college students?). Tune right here at 3:15 to watch the conversation unfold!

[Lead image via Yuriy Rudyy/Shutterstock]

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