5 Accessories You Need If You're An Alcoholic

Oh college, how I love thee. What’s not to love about the only time in your life where it’s socially acceptable to be intoxicated enough that you throw up in your own hair?
When I’m at a typical college party, swimming in a sea of red cups, I perch myself on top of an unidentified college student’s kitchen counter. I put my red solo cup in-between my thighs, letting my tequila buzz make its way towards my toes. Through my margarita goggles, I begin to soak in all the college mayhem. Between the keg stands, beer pong and other drinking games, everyone is completely inebriated. They can hardly walk or form complete sentences without slurring or moaning their words. It’s like a real life interpretation of a Walking Dead episode, except with kegs. When really sitting back and observing this behavior, I can’t help but to ask myself…are we all alcoholics? The answer is no, we’re just in college. Which is essentially the same thing.
In the year 2014, the alcohol Gods have blessed us with many gizmos and gadgets to make your college drinking adventures even more memorable — or less memorable, depending on how you look at it. You’re in college, so drink up and take advantage of borderline alcoholic behavior…with accessories to match.

Flask // Alcoholic Shot Gun Dispenser // Wine Bra // Home Brewery // Keychain Breathalyzer

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