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We’re Here For The Right Reasons: “The Bachelor” Recap, Episode 7


the bachelor recap

You guys, is this season going by faster than any other season in the history of this show? How are we already at hometowns? And also, hometowns AND fantasy dates in one week?! I’m just not ready for it to be over.

Sharleen gets the first one on one, and is clearly super not excited about it. There’s nothing more awkward than watching Sharleen get a date card, literally not even have any positive feelings about it, and having to watch the rest of the girls react to this reaction. More importantly though, and what I think Sharleen is going for when she says “And I have feelings like I don’t know why I’m here– we don’t get each other” — JP doesn’t seem to notice at all.

On their date, when she verbally expresses these concerns that Juan Pabs can’t intuit, he sort of disregards her worries and just wants to make her calm down. His whole “look at me look at me kiss me stop talking!” doesn’t seem to work as well with Sharleen as it does with the other girls. But they do seem to have kissing chemistry, which is alarming given how horrifying of a kisser Sharleen was initially.

Sharleen keeps saying that they have so much chemistry, but I am literally only seeing it when they kiss. There doesn’t seem to be much deeper here, and it’s clear that Sharleen sees that. And, she expresses it like a human! She hit the nail on the head when she said: “I wish I was a little dumber so I could just be like duuuuh.” None of the other girls seem to have these concerns. Sharleen is into him, but there’s still a little voice telling her it’s not right.

Something about this whole thing was so sincere. Perhaps the most sincere moment I’ve seen on this show. This is so realistic. And it’s so honest of her to do. You have to know the other girls have these feelings– you just do. When you’re dating someone you know you could potentially marry in 3 weeks or whatever it is now, you have to have some realistic doubts. Right?

So I guess I’m not surprised that she chose to leave early. She had feelings, she processed them, and she made a decision. As a real person would do. She’s not saying that she doesn’t like him, she’s not saying that she couldn’t fall in love with him, she’s saying she doesn’t have the feelings it would require to become engaged to him in 4 weeks.

It did strike me as odd that JP didn’t ask her to stay… Like not once. Not even a little “Oh what really?” Instead, he just groped her face for like 2 hours and thought that would get the message across that he was going to miss her? He cried after the fact, and I guess it was emotional, but why didn’t he try and stop her! I feel like she could have changed her mind. I’m glad he didn’t. Good luck out there in the real world, Sharleen! You’re great.

So now on to the most ridiculous thing I have seen this season. Maybe ever.

Nikki gets the next one on one date, and it’s a literal sneak attack meet the family. I don’t know that she necessarily would have chosen those shorts to wear the first time she met Juan Pablo’s daughter and his baby mama, but she wasn’t really given a choice.

I am very unclear on how this man, who seemingly has all of these boundaries when it comes to what his daughter sees him do with these ladies, will bring a woman that he is only kind of dating to meet his entire family and his daughter?? Are you kidding me? There was no way for the producers to allow him to go to this alone? This was nutso you guys. And how did is baby mama let this happen? Why did any of this occur? Could Nikki have said no thank you? So many questions!

Also on this date I was once again reminded that I have no idea what Juan Pablo does for a living, as he and Nikki were hanging out on the baseball field. I still have no idea. The last time I checked and knew he was a club promoter, but since he has been on the show he buys sports memorabilia and sends it to Venezuela? What? Whatever. What even is that. Also Nikki obviously asked no questions and just said “OMG so cool to be at Juan Pablo’s work!” I don’t… Understand.

Next group date is some quiet time on a private beach, which is pretty bomb, but I seemed to be more upset about the previous night’s events than Juan Pabs. He sure did bounce back awfully quickly from Sharleen’s exit.

Here are some things I learned on the group date: Chelsie is so connected to her fam that they send her a bunch of letters… Homegirl is gone for like 4 weeks max. What is this about? This does not reflect her being close with her family, it reflects her being way too young. I learned that Andi is super emotional and can’t stop crying about anything, I’m not even sure what happened, I’m only sure that she started crying on a beautiful beach. Most importantly I learned that Andi can rock a skin tight red dress. 

After the group date, there was a fight between Nikki and Clare that isn’t even worth mentioning. I think it’s the first fight that has existed all season, so they just felt they had to put create some drama. Producers must have been stirring the pot here pretty heavy. I don’t care about it, at all. Though it did make for a pretty awkward 10 minutes of silence at the cocktail party that had me yelling at the TV. Why didn’t either of them just move to a different couch?

At the rose ceremony, Chelsie goes home and there’s no surprise there. I feel like I usually have more feelings about the girls in the final 6 but not so much this time. Next week we get to see the hometowns of: Andi, Renee, Clare and Nikki. I don’t know how I feel about him ending up with any of these girls. This was such a strange week. But it does look like next week (4 hours of the Bach in one week? Yes please!) will bring us plenty of drama. That is, after all, why we are here.

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