Urban Dictionary's Definitions of Beyoncé Are Hilarious

How does one define Beyoncé? She is many things, a wife, a mother, feminist to some, not a feminist to others, a cultural icon, a weave enthusiast, and a woman who has notoriously thrown shade at former group members of Destiny’s Child by cropping them out of photographs on Instagram. Needless to say we needed some help, so we went to Urban Dictionary and found 14 pages of fans, haters and users defining Beyoncé either by blindly praising her or shading the shit out of her. I was not a fan of Bey until her most recent album and I’d never pay to see her in concert but I do like observing her as a cultural critic and as someone who enjoys a fraction of her music. Lots of people like to point out Bey’s hypocrisy but I simply think everyone is allowed to change their mind over the course of a few decades. Hey, if I didn’t change my mind about things I never would have eaten cheese or black beans! The folks at Urban Dictionary aren’t always as kind.
1. beyonce
a.)n. one of the most talented performers/vocalists to hit the scene
b.)n. a true artist;captivating beauty
c.)n. impressionable performing artists of the late 20th and early 21st centuries.
d.)n. a female with a svelte frame and alluring aura
e.)a. fly; hip; cool
f.) a. bootylicious
“Girl, what do you have on? You look like a complete mess.””You must be catching a glimpse of your reflection or something, because right now i look beyonce.”
A girl with a 5 year old smile with a amazon frame who pays her own mother to do her hair.
“Beyonce and Jay-Z are the new Ike and tina Turner Couple of the 21st century/”
3. beyonce
Someone who every black female claims to look like.
“Dang gurl, I weigh 300 pounds, don’t I look just like Beyonce?”
4. beyonce
The hottest sexiest diva of all time. Britney Spears cannot fuck around this girl. She will be a legend when she gets older. Keep on rocking it!!!
“Beyonce is the hottest diva of all time!!!”
5. Beyonce
The girl who was the leader of Destiny’s Child and got mad when the other girls got solo parts so she went solo.
“Man: I love Destiny’s Child especially Beyonce!! 
Woman: What about Kelly and Michelle!!? 
Man: who?”
6. beyoncé
A beautiful, talented young Black woman, so it is hard for me to understand some of the posts listed here. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, so you don’t have to like her, but the hatred here is soooo thick you could cut it!! Someone even called the woman fat!Who are you looking at? I am a female who is very secure in myself…I don’t look anything like Beyonce’, but I don’t have to. I am woman enough to give props where they are due, and there is nothing fat, ugly, or untalented about this chick. She can sing, and she can dance; she’s an entertainer. Call it stannish if you want…or you can call it secure individuals who can see where credit deserves to be given.
“Someone asked to borrow my Beyonce’ CD…I was like ‘What you say about my mama?!!!”
7. beyonce
Acronym for “Destiny’s Child”
Destiny’s Child? No! Beyonce!”
8. beyonce
1. Another term for “nice ass”
2. A pretty good female African-american singer. Likes to shake her ass while singing.
“Dis babe got an ass like Beyonce’s yo.”
9. Beyonce
Please refer to toss material
“I’m jizzin’ on Beyonce right now”
10. Beyonce
A great singer. But on her cd, she keeps reminding us that she is a virgo. I don’t care what your sign is, Beyonce.
“Beyonce and Jay-Z’s relationship is like Satan and Saddam Hussein’s.”
11. Beyonce
The act of sticking ones finger down another persons butt crack when it becomes visable, perhaps when they are bending over picking something up. In order for it to be a ligitimate Beyonce, the giver must see bare back and ass crack.
“If you don’t pull up your pants I am going to beyonce the shit out of you.”

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