10 Things Gym Fanatics Are Tired of Hearing, OKAY!?

For some reason, being healthy and active is something people always feel the need to comment on. It seems to always be the same few comments (or should I say judgments) from people who seem to not only have different habits, but who seriously cannot understand why going to the gym or working out would ever be a priority…to anyone. Here are 10 things gym fanatics are seriously tired of hearing:

 1. “It’s Not Good To Work Out Every Day”

Oh, it isn’t? Am I allowed to tell you it’s not good to eat Chinese Food for lunch every day? Probably not right, Judgey mc Judgerson?

2. “Look, Fitness Just Isn’t For Everyone!”

But… It is. Like, it really, really is.

3. “Why Do You Spend So Much on Gym Clothes?”

Why do you spend so much money on cigarettes? Or regular clothes? Or cookies? Let’s not judge where I allocate my funds, please. Also, when you spend the majority of your free time in the gym/yoga studio/running — you want to have quality gear.

4. “Working Out is Overrated”

Oh… Is it? Ok I will stop then.

5. “But Your Body Needs Rest!”

Really? I didn’t know you could judge how my body felt. Am I allowed to tell you your body needs movement..?

6. “I Don’t Know How You Do Morning Workouts, I Need My Sleep”

I’m not some bionic person, I also get sleep. But morning work outs give me more energy. Leave me alone!

7. “I’m Just Too Out Of Shape”

You know how you get in shape…?

8. “Why Do You Spend So Much on That Membership?”

Uuuuuugh leave my money habits alone!


Whenever I talk about a solid work out and someone follows it up with a joke and a super bad habit almost out of spite I want to die. Also, even we who go to the gym enjoy mimosas, because booze.

10. “Life is too Short to Work Out All the Time!”

Life is too short to NOT work out. Spend more time moving and less time judging, and you may find a little more happiness. [Lead image via]