Get Beyoncé's KALE Sweater For Less Than 50 Bucks

Beyoncé posted a picture on her Tumblr wearing a KALE sweatshirt and as someone who consumes kale unironically but enjoys the irony of food fads like “super foods” and “gluten free” I had to have this shirt. This could only be better if it said “quinoa.”  After Googling various permutations of “Beyoncé” and “kale” I found the holy grail of stupid, overpriced sweatshirts that celebrities wear. (I say all those things with deep love. I am such a consumer, it’s embarrassing.)

Kale Sweater

The shirt is by sub_urban RIOT and will run you $48 (also available in Mens). If you’re an It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia you’ll be happy to know the company makes all of Mac’s “RIOT” t-shirts. Here’s what the sweaters looks like in living color.

Kale-sweatshirt-heather (1)

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