GIRLS Recap: Season 3, Episode 8 ‘Incidentals’ [A Bro’s Thoughts]


Major life events happen for Adam, Hannah interviews Patti LuPone, Marnie feels lame, and Jessa’s drug history still haunts her. Pretty standard fare for Girls Season 3, but we’ve finally hit some issues with Adam and Hannah. We’re continuing our hot streak of plot moving forward and that’s pretty cool.

In Which Adam Gets A Part On Broadway & Makes Friends With a One Tree Hill Guest Star

We get a nice spotlight of the audition process during the first bit of the episode during the major callback that Adam got. It’s cool to see Adam outside of the apartment, actually doing things. While he remains just as awkward, there’s a sense of honesty to him that once again peels back and shows itself as he stuffs paper towels in his mouth and screams in joy when he gets casted. Also, it’s really nice to see him make a friend. I know that sounds corny, but as a dude, it’s hard to make a random friend like that who also guest starred on One Tree Hill. Seriously.

Hannah, once again, takes everything next level, and it’s kind of disappointing that everything that was said to her from the previous episode just didn’t sink in. I mean, you’re on a random interview that’s halfway made up and all of a sudden; you’re going to take relationship advice? Get over yourself, please. It was nice to hear Lily Allen when she randomly bought that dress and when she made a Blue Crush reference, however. I mean, if you don’t think Blue Crush is amazing, you should probably never speak to me again. But other than that, I once again just felt very ‘bleh’ towards her like every episode.


In Which Marnie Keeps Falling Down And This Time You Kinda Feel Bad

For the first time ever in the series, I felt sympathy for Marnie. Not only did she get kind of shit on by the random assistant to the dude that used to bang her Slience of the Lambs style from last season, but RAY DUMPED HER. DUMPED HER HARD. I mean, I get why Ray dumped her. But you felt bad for Marnie because she was so damn comfortable. I mean, the girl was just HOUSING that pizza and Ray dropped that bomb and when she started crying, you felt bad. For Marnie. For the first time ever.

In Which Jessa Definitely Has Fallen Off The Wagon

So that creepy English dude is back. Jessa stole from her job and is doing a bunch of coke. HOWEVER, we saw that sober Shoshanna can keep up with a bunch of coked out people, so I’m going to take that as a plus. Shoshanna is still being drastically underutilized, and it’s a travesty. I really want a Shoshanna centric episode. Just once. Please?

Other than that, not much happened besides the fact Adam kind of remained the best boyfriend ever and reassured Hannah at the end of the episode. You really wonder if they’re going to work out now due to Hannah’s neurosis because Adam really does, for the first time in the series, just seem like he has it together. Also, Elijah made a comeback and made an amazing Kristin Chenowith quote that will live on infamy but he’s still really annoying to me for some reason, and I really need to start asking my little sister more about One Tree Hill if they’re making references to it because I’ve never seen an episode of that in my life.

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