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Lena Dunham Takes Author Photos In Panties


Screenshot 17

Yo, Lena Dunham is like the queen of unflattering clothing. I want to make it clear that I don’t care that she is two ounces “overweight” aka a regular sized human woman and likes to show off her body. I think it’s great that she embraces her figure and that others who look similarly may feel a little bit better about themselves just by seeing her on TV. As someone who is interested in fashion and what people wear and why they might be wearing it I can’t help but sigh whenever I see this lady’s clothing choice. I often feel like she is playing in her grandma’s closet and trying things on that would have made since for a middle aged woman in the mid-seventies.

Everyone is entitled to look however they want, but since my tastes (are subjective) totally different whenever I see Lena I want to grab her by the hand, take her credit card and fashion montage the shit out of her. Yes, this is selfish but it would be so fun. “Try on that Chanel blazer, Lena!” “Try on those vegan leather motorcycle pants, Lena!” “No, not that ’70s yellow wallpaper colored sweater, Lena!” I girl can only dream of styling various celebrities the way they wish they would dress. Check out the photos below. Are you a fan of her style?

Emerald is an editor at CollegeCandy, lover of coffee, and pretend francophile. After studying writing and popular culture at NYU she decided to be a grownup and get a job. Tweet at ya' girl @EmeraldGritty.