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5 Things That Would Make Me Happier Than This Husky Getting His Head Scratched


Out there in the world is a Husky who’s just over the moon about getting his head scratched with one of those tongy things they sell in mall kiosks. This dog knows what’s up; I’m all about the head scratches. Hell, head scratches, arm scratches, leg scratches — I’ll take what I can get. Someone devoting all their scratching efforts to my pleasure fulfillment is a treat indeed and this canine campadre just gets it.

Sometimes my human life is a little more complicated than a dog’s and it takes more than a mere scratch sesh to send my happiness levels soaring. In honor of this adorable video showing the purest form of delight, here are a few things that would bring me equal pleasure. Interns, here’s your to-do list for the day…

1. No more snow. If someone told me this weekend’s storm was an early April Fool’s joke, I would be delighted.

2. A large skim latte from Dean and Deluca, delivered to me. Because, really, isn’t it about the simple pleasures?

3. Finding the perfect leather motorcycle jacket on sale. Zara really hasn’t been showing their A-Game in the jacket department these past few seasons, and all the “real” brands are out of my budget. But, oh, wouldn’t a new moto jacket look so pretty hanging in my closet…

4. A giftcard to a spa so I could get a massage. Massages > Head scratches.

5. A puppy to whom I could give head scratches. If he’s cute and loves me, then I’ll be thrilled. This rule also applies to men.

Heather is a senior at FIT majoring in Visual Presentation and Exhibit Design (try saying that five times fast...while you've got a martini in your hand). The best sext she ever sent read, "I'm trying to have a romantic moment and you keep talking about your boner." She hopes to write even better things here.