GIRLS Recap: Season 3, Episode 9 ‘Flo’ [A Bro’s Thoughts]


Hannah’s grandmother is dying. It creates a spotlight episode for Hannah where we learn about her family dynamic, how great Adam is as a boyfriend, and how self-centered Hannah has always been. Girls Season 3 was extended to 12 episodes instead of 10, so maybe this is the little bit of leeway we have to give Lena Dunham after such a strong season so far.

In Which There’s Not Really A Breakdown Because The Entire Episode Is Hannah’s Family Being A Bunch Of Nutjobs

During the course of Hannah’s grandmother’s dying days, there’s an obvious disconnect between Hannah’s mother and her sisters. I mean everybody’s family is crazy, but an entire episode highlighting this fact is a little bit of overkill. There was talk of wills, splitting pills between housewives, townie bars with your cousin and even a car crash. It’s really only until the back 10 minutes when Adam does show up after previously said car crash that major developments happen.

There’s a lot of exposition about family and what it means to everyone. There’s a lot of exposition about being a good parent. There’s a lot of exposition about growing up and the future and being open to possibilities. But a lot of this could have been handled in a 5-10 minute segment where Hannah goes to get dinner with her mom or something. Instead we have an entire episode built up where we think Adam is a great guy because he rushes up to see Hannah after she gets in a car accident with her cousin, only for Hannah’s Mom to tell her that she doesn’t think Adam is right for her. Boo Hannah’s Mom, right?


Which gets us to the Hannah and Adam marriage talk, which they feign because, well, Hannah’s grandmother is dying. It’s great on Adam’s part to go with the lie, but it makes you feel for the guy because over the last two episodes, all these seeds of doubt are being planted in Hannah’s mind where you know eventually she’ll figure out a way to freak out and ruin their relationship.

All in all, Hannah’s grandmother dies. It’s a bait and switch because the episode is practically over when you get the news. Hannah’s grandmother even gets a little bit of dialogue with Hannah wishing her well, but then of course, she bites it. It’s depressing. The whole episode to me was a bit depressing. However, the sadness created really genuine moments of emotion and tenderness within a family that I have to acknowledge. In all honesty, this episode wasn’t really my cup of tea, but I have to admit when there’s meaning to something. Girls put it’s heart on it’s sleeve, and shows that even when it comes to your family: everyone’s a little crazy.

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