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5 Dating Apps That’ll Make Finding A Spring Fling Boo a Breeze


bro app

Valentine’s Day may be behind us, but that doesn’t mean the search for love has to stop. Instead of trolling around dimly lit, smelly bars or agreeing to be set up on a doomed-to-fail blind date, let technology do all the heavy lifting. On the same smart-phone where you track your period and try to beat your high score on Angry Birds, you can download yourself a love life.

With an immense variety of dating apps for your phone that you can choose from, it can be difficult to figure out which one is for you. Here is a life of fun and popular dating apps that can meet all of your spring fever love needs! When using the apps, please exercise safe online tactics.

Date Smart ($1.99). I can’t tell you how many times I’ve attempted to think of a creative date and ended up at the movies, yet again. With Date Smart, you can choose from categories like “novel,” “educational,” or “outdoors.” The app will find cool places around the location of your choosing that fit your criteria. So, if you manage to swing a date (and I have complete faith in you!), check out Date Smart to get original, fun date ideas.

Wertago For Nightlife (free). Sometimes all a date needs to push it into the “great date” category is a little bit of the city in the nighttime. Check out this free app that provides its users with information on cool nighttime activities in the city of your choice. Whether you’re in Los Angeles, New York, or anywhere in between, you can find a concert, restaurant, bar, club, and much more to bring your date to. Wertago also allows you to share your findings with fellow users and coordinate meet-ups.

PlentyOfFish (free). This is the simplified equivalent of one of many popular dating websites we’ve come to consider the pioneers of online dating. With over 70 million members, PlentyOfFish have plenty of options for you to choose from when looking for a nice meal and good conversation (and maybe love, or a second date at the least). It may be a lot less sophisticated than E-Harmony or, but the wide variety of users can give you an impressive range of options.

How About We (free, with an option for a paid upgrade). This is one of the cutest dating site ideas I’ve heard of (as long as you use it safely). Singles can post their date ideas onto their profile (hint: choose something that shows off your personality) and you can browse through other people’s date ideas. If you see something you like or someone see’s one of your ideas they like, you can connect with one another and set up the date. How About We is a little more personal and strays from the usual dating profiles that focus heavily on physical attributes.

BroApp ($1.99). BroApp is potentially the funniest and simultaneously laziest app ever created for men. Instead of taking the time out of his day to tell you you’re beautiful, your boyfriend can purchase an app to automatically do it for him. Yes- you read me right. All those sweet messages you keep getting from your man could possibly be an app. Yet another thing women have to be weary of when dating. The BroApp includes a “Girlfriend Wifi Detector,” “Girlfriend Intrusion Detector,” and “Recent Contact Detector” to ensure you never find out your man gets his TLC from an app. Check out the BroApp website to get a good laugh.

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