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Purdue Student Hacker Goes To Jail After Changing “F” Grades To “As”



You would think a student skilled and talented enough to hack into Purdue University’s computer system to change his grades from Ds and Fs to As would be skilled and talented enough to pass his classes but apparently a paradox has presented itself. Roy Sun was sentenced to 90 days in prison after he and two undergraduates decided to “digitally spruce up” their GPAs.

“Sun first hacked into a professor’s computer account and changed his grade in 2008. He said he volunteered to be the guinea pig to see if he and fellow Purdue student Mitsutoashi Shirasaki would get caught. They didn’t, which emboldened Sun. ‘When I came back in 2009, I felt really arrogant,’ he said during the sentencing hearing. ‘I thought I was untouchable. It became so much easier to change my grades than going to class and working real hard’ So with the exception of one course, Sun quit attending classes his senior year and still received straight A’s.”

Wow, sounds like a pretty sweet deal if you are a privileged, entitled poo poo head. Obviously anyone who can afford to pay reportedly $70,000 a year and have the audacity to never attend class, thus essentially throwing the money away, is a little too entitled.

“The most troubling thing about this is how brilliant you are and how capable you are to devise this and carry it out. I worry about people who are as bright as you who are as dishonest as you because you can do more damage,” Judge Thomas Busch told Sun during sentencing.

The other conspirators, Sujay Sharma has received 18 months probation and 200 hours community service, while Mitsutoashi Shirasaki has fled to Japan and has not been formally arrested. Welp, I guess there is such a thing as being “too smart for your own good.” It’s great to be advanced but it’s even better to be without hubris.

[Via. Naked Security /Shutterstock/gualtiero boffi]

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