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The Most Desirable Woman on OKCupid Shares Her Secrets to a Great Profile


great online dating profile

Haven’t you had those moments where you look at a woman who seems to get an immense amount of male attention and ask, “How does she do it?” or “What does she have that I don’t?” Those little bouts of insecurity seem to plague nearly all of us. Wouldn’t be nice to learn a woman’s secret to the fountain of endless attention she seemed to be getting from men?

Well ladies, The Frisky’s got you covered. They interviewed New York City’s most desirable woman on the popular dating website, OKCupid, to learn her trade secrets and tactics on getting male attention and snagging dates.

If anything, this interview will make you see that men work in mysterious ways, so attempting to pinpoint what triggers a reaction from them and what doesn’t isn’t always as cut and dry. Remaining true to yourself may just be your best bet. Nonetheless, feed your curiosity and check it out.

[Lead image via Paul Matthew Photography/Shutterstock]

Love child.