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Did Andre Drummond Leak Jennette McCurdy’s Scandalous Photos?



Jennette McCurdy (from iCarly and Sam & Cat, holler!) met ex-boyfriend, NBA player, Andre Drummond on Instagram. Andre would post that Jennette was his “Woman Crush Wednesday” fave and soon the two began chit chatting and dating.


However, after the relationship went sour Jennette admitted during a podcast interview that she didn’t ever really like Andre all that much, wanted to dump him after the first date, that she just began dating him because she was flattered since he was so famous and that after just two week she was basically looking for a reason to end things. She even mentioned an incident where Andre said he was going to go to the grocery store but came back with an expensive gift and asked her to be his girlfriend. She didn’t want to be his girlfriend but said yes anyway.


I don’t understand why she had to admit all of this? The guy seemed to really like her and she just wasn’t feeling it (which is totally OK to not be feeling it) but why does she have to make him look like a desperate dumb dumb? Why not just say that you weren’t feeling it instead of airing out all this guy’s business? She already discussed their relationship in detail in the Wall Street Journal.


Just 24 hours after Jennette’s interview was posted on TMZ the “saucy” images were leaked. Many are speculating Andre is the perpetrator. “I found [Jennette’s comments] funny. There’s a lot of false info in there, but I’ll be the mature person about the situation and let it die out,”Andre told TMZ.

Andre later tweeted.


Then he released a video.


The pictures aren’t anything we don’t see in magazines everyday but they probably weren’t necessarily meant for us to see. It’s a total dick move on Andre’s part if he is the one who leaked them. She made herself seem petty in the interview so why not just be the bigger man? And this is why you don’t send nude or racy pictures with your face in them to boys you met on the internet even if they are NBA stars—no, especially if they are NBA stars. Unless, of course you don’t mind the whole world seeing said pictures. Much like Dylan Sprouse insisted when his nude photos leaked, this kind of thing isn’t really that big of a deal.

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