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We Hate Juan Pablo: Bachelor Recap, The Women Tell All


bachelor recap

Usually, I don’t look forward to The Women Tell All. It’s always filled with a lot of drama that I just don’t care at all about. But tonight? I came in with such high hopes for the women to turn on JP instead of each other. They did, but as usual, I was pretty let down by the whole thing.

First off, of course Sean and Catherine are here. These kids love fame. I am thrilled that Chris Harrison finally apologized for the over abundance of sex at Sean and Catherine’s wedding, but I am appalled that he continued to ask tonight. Also, “quick fireworks”, Catherine? Yeesh. Still, it’s good to see a happy couple in the midst of this totally unhappy season.

I have jumped on the hating JP train as much as everyone else. But… These ladies know Juan Pablo dumped them, right? All of the bickering for the first 30 minutes revolved around the women complaining about JP not being right for them. But… He dumped all of them except Andi and Sharleen. Maybe the girls weren’t feeling it as much as they would have liked, but there’s no way Kat, Chelsie, Lauren S., enter generic Bachelor contestant here—wouldn’t have stayed through the end. And probably said yes to a proposal, let’s be real.

Chris Harrison is trying real hard to show both sides, and I think that’s important. These girls are complaining about JP not being fair, not liking them enough, and not getting enough kisses. I mean… That’s not really fair. I appreciate Chris Harrison acknowledging that, maybe JP was confused and torn between two people.

Did anyone else half expect Sharleen to decide she wanted to be with JP and ask if she could talk to him and see if it’s possible? I sure did. I am glad she’s happy with her choice, and I also enjoyed that she stuck up for him as well. Though when she says she found him “curious” I think she means more as a child than anything else. Curious about places she had been, etc.—not necessarily curious about her and her life. Or maybe he was this way because he actually likes her, and he didn’t actually like anyone else.

Renee, Renee, Renee. She confuses me. Quite a bit. All she keeps saying is that her and Juan Pablo had a special relationship, and that it went deeper than just the fact that they both were single parents. And yet, literally all we hear about is her and JP talking about their kids.

Rumor has it Renee is actually engaged, and will be moving in with her new beau shortly. Apparently it’s a childhood sweetheart (her first kiss!) and this leaves me with many questions. I do believe this show is airing about 3 months after Renee got kicked off. In 3 months she realized she actually didn’t love JP, and instead she loved this other guy, and then they got engaged? Huh.

I don’t have anything much to say about Andi’s monologue actually. Except that Chris Harrison laid it on real thick making sure we knew she still thinks this show can work. She’s absolutely the next Bachelorette, and it’s going to be everything.

Juan Pablo, is so oblivious. I cannot understand this dude. I loved, loved that Cassandra pointed out that he never should have gone to Renee’s hometown when he knew she wasn’t the one. JP doesn’t deny knowing Renee wasn’t the one before hometowns, all he said was “why?” For him to not understand this is the fundamental problem with this dude. He really doesn’t take any of it seriously. I guess not viciously, but he just has no empathy or ability to look at a situation from a different perspective. Can you even imagine being married to someone like that?

There’s no doubt in my mind that it’s this attitude that leads to all of the tears next week. Guaranteed he tells Clare or Nikki he’s not sure he can marry them or knows enough about them to get married, they cry, blah blah, someone will still end up with him. The real question is, do we think they’ll still be together at After the Final Rose? Doubtful. Oh so doubtful.

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