5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Ask Me If I’m On My Period

Every now and again we all express an opinion that someone doesn’t want to hear. I have a big, opinionated mouth, so I am totally fine with people disagreeing with me, challenging me or asking me to reconsider. It’s par for the course when you are vocal about what you think. If I get something wrong, I actually want to know. If there’s another side to a story, I actually want to know. However, for women, not always, maybe not even often, but sometimes, someone, instead of having a conversation with us about why we feel a certain way, will say something like, “You must be on your period.”

This is a tactic. A tactic used by people who want to make you look bad. The person will say something so insulting and condescending that evokes a strong reaction from the recipient of the crudeness, causing the actual victim to look crazy. For example: A guy says, “You must be on your period,” when you’re have a discussion and you say, “Shut up, you rank, fat-kidneyed, flap-dragon!” (Shakespearean insults are the best because they are the most confusing.) Then, of course, you look like the crazy person who is “overreacting,” thus proving their assertion that you are crazy. I am over that noise.

REASON THE FIRST: What is happening underneath these clothes and with my body is none of your business. I don’t ask you which side your balls are hanging on today. Live and let die.

REASON THE SECOND: Women have periods everyday of every  year and somehow the Earth hasn’t spun off its axis. Somehow we’ve all managed to collectively move in the direction of progress. So if I have my period, if any woman has her period, it’s really not any kind of a big deal, is it?

REASON THE THIRD: I never ask you if you’re feeling particularly TESTOSTERONE-Y today, do I? Upset that your girlfriend is ignoring you? Pissed you’re not being heard at work or in class? Your best bro keeps blowing you off and you’re starting to get annoyed? Having a bad day? Stressed? Not walking around with a giant smile from ear to ear because no one’s resting face actually appears that way with out exerting energy? Well then I guess your testosterone must be sooooooooooooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaring through the roof. Nope. No one ever asks dudes that and yet we know testosterone levels can affect moods just as much as estrogen does. Hormones is hormones, we’re all affected by our physiology.

REASON THE FOURTH: I am actually not a slave to my vagina. My brain actually is not controlled by my reproductive system. Maybe it’s hard for some to understand that because people love to joke about how “men think with their dicks” so society is probably assuming women do too? This is actually preposterous for both genders. Men and women are perfectly capable of making decisions using their reason and rationality despite how they may feel, or according to how they feel and in conjunction with whatever state their hormones may be in. We have a thing called consciousness the thing that separates us from many other animals and thus the ability to overcome any “primal,” “instinctual” or “animal” urges.

REASON THE FIFTH: Yes, I do actually behave differently during my period because I am in actual mind-blowing physical pain. Not every woman experiences gaining an actual extra 5 pounds, huge, sore boobs, bloating, headache, hot flashes, feeling faint and lightheaded and general discomfort for five days straight—but I do. Maybe, just maybe, when my brain feels like it is going to pop out of my skull, I just might not be in the mood for the petty, unruly, trite things you do that I can normally overlook to keep the peace. I feel sick and you are using it as an excuse to diminish my thoughts and experiences. My reason has not gone out the window, I am just trying to get through the day while dealing with real discomfort.

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