Study Finds Drinking Doesn't Make Men Sexually Aggressive & More Links

University of Toronto and the University of Washington conducted a study which found that male sexual aggression towards females, in bars, has nothing to do with how drunk they are but everything to do with how drunk women are. Basically, creepy dudes target intoxicated and tipsy ladies for sexual aggression and violence. The dudes themselves may or not be drunk. This is important because too often on college campuses binge drinking or a rapist’s/victim’s level of intoxication tend to get brought up to deflect from the fact that a man forced himself upon a woman. Some people honestly believe that what turns men into rapists is alcohol and that addressing alcohol is what stops rapists. Nope, a culture that keeps trying to hold everyone and everything accountable besides the actual rapist is what makes rape happen: people think it’s OK to rape or that they can get away with it.
Jezebel said, “The study — which is named after “Blurred Lines” by Robin Thicke because of course it is — had 140 young adults go into bars in Toronto and take note of every incident of aggression they witnessed. Of those incidents, 25 percent involved sexual aggression, and 90 percent the sexual aggression observed entailed women being harassed by men. According to Texas Public Radio, two-thirds of the aggressors physically touched women without consent, around 17 percent threatened contact, and 9 percent engaged in verbal harassment. Tellingly, the study found that “initiators’ level of invasiveness was related to the intoxication of the targets, but not their own intoxication” — suggesting that drunk women are intentionally targeted by predators who are fully aware of what they’re doing.” Read more here.


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