10 Tips For Drinking Alone So You Don’t Singlehandedly Ruin Your Life

Drinking alone doesn’t have to mean you are a pathetic cat lady, though it can! It can also mean you are an awesome cat lady! Nevertheless drinking alone doesn’t have to be a sign of a depleting social life, profound loneliness or severe alcoholism. Drinking alone, at home, or even at a bar can be a great way to unwind, enjoy a good meal or even meet some new people. The most important thing is to not use drinking as a crutch or to feel guilty about enjoying a tasty alcoholic beverage all by yourself. There are plenty of things you can do while drinking by your lonesome and many things you should avoid in order to not singlehandedly destroy your life. For those of us who are of legal drinking age in our respective countries, here’s how to drink alone, have a good time and not mess up our lives or our close relationships.

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