Have You Ventured Onto Pornstagram?

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We’ve all heard of Instagram. Chances are you insta photos of your latte, your lunch and yourself(ie) pretty regularly. But while scanning your feed looking at everyone’s artfully cropped photos, do you ever just get the hankering to see some guy’s dick or some girl’s boobies? As in, “OMG I totally love that new sweater, Emily. *Like* Now I just wish I could see someone’s Valencia-filtered massive boner.”

Wait, wait…don’t answer that. I wouldn’t want to embarrass you. I’m just going to leave this link right here just in case you decide you want to see Instagram’s more risque cousin, Pornstagram. Obviously it’s not safe for work, unless you work somewhere that doesn’t mind if you’re oogling naked photos of strangers. In that case, have at it!

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