Why Is Aaron Carter Desperately Trying To Get Hilary Duff Back?

You know I love that Y2K drama, you know I love it, grrrrrrrl. Remember when Hilary Duff and Lindsay Lohan were fighting over Aaron Carter? Look, it seems silly now but going to Aaron’s Party was a big deal back in the dizzay. The kid did beat Shaq—fair and square. Aaron Carter was proto-Justin Bieber. He could dance marginally well and rap (sort of) even better. I am being generous but I dug the kid. According to Wiki, “He had also dated Lindsay Lohan along with his girlfriend Hilary Duff at the same time (leading to a feud between the two), but he broke up with Lohan in April 2003, and resumed dating Duff. Later, that same year, he reportedly cheated on her and Duff ended their on-and-off relationship after two years.” Not cool, Aaron. But recently Aaron Carter has learned the error of his ways. He is trying to get Hilary Duff back. Now that she is divorced, it’s a good time. (Aaron retweeted this.) https://twitter.com/yoteens/statuses/441030486719467520 https://twitter.com/aaroncarter/statuses/441309597782257665 https://twitter.com/aaroncarter/statuses/441310829213155328 https://twitter.com/aaroncarter/statuses/441318839457165314 https://twitter.com/aaroncarter/statuses/441319551649972224

Remembering the good old days.