7 Things We’ll Lose But Won’t Miss This Daylight Savings Time


Daylight Savings is this weekend so at Sunday at 3AM we spring forward and lose an hour of our precious, precious lives. Of course in the 21st century what was intended to help farmers is a completely useless practice but at least we get more sunlight. While I typically like to moan and groan because we “lose” an hour, I’d like to take this time to look on the bright side. I mean are we really losing anything that valuable? Is time really money? On a Sunday is time even relevant? Nope. Not even.



One less hour of nightmare’ing is a-OK with me. A few nights ago I became madly sucked into True Detective and got completely lost in the tangental clues. I started doing some supplemental reading by Kindle’ing The Yellow King and The Conspiracy Against The Human Race. I immediately had nightmares about satanic cults and spooky murders. It was not fun. I can do with less post-TV binge nightmares. Even if it’s just an hour less.

60 minutes.

time running out

Time. It’s all man made, isn’t it? Are we really going to be fundamentally handicapped if we lose 60 minutes every year, in the grand scheme of hour lives? They say life is short but it’s the longest thing you do before you die, right?

Less of a wait for True Detective.


One less hour means that’s one less hour we have to wait for the season finale of True Detective. Can you tell that I, and America, am obsessed? OBSESSED.



Waking up earlier, or time being rewound, means less darkness. This never ending winter has been exhausting so even the tiniest bit of sunlight we get will make all the difference. I don’t know about you but I feel pumped whenever there is more sun.

That episode of your favorite show, you keep watching.


I watch an episode of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia before I go to bed every night. It’s how my brain knows it’s bed time. If I have to go to bed earlier and not watch one of the 100+ episodes I’ve seen 20 times each, I am not going to die. This goes for any of your late night rituals like having tea or reading a book. Just skip it for one night and get that full night of rest.



But then again who really needs sleep? Isn’t it weird how when you sleep less it’s actually easier to wake up in the morning? Welp, consider this Sunday one of those days. Sleep for 5 hours, then wake up, go for  a run and do your laundry. Enjoy the “sun.”



So you overslept and missed Sunday brunch? Big whoop. You can do without spending $25 on eggs (eggs are like the cheapest thing!) and that noon hangover that lingers until midnight. One less brunch is good for the soul.

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