How to Pull Off the Birkenstock Trend Without Looking Like Jesus

birkenstock sandals

Probably one of the most hideous things to touch feet since Crocs, the Birkenstock sandal trend is shocking and horrifying fashion lovers everywhere. From finding their way on models walking down the runway, to people walking down the streets, Birkenstock sandals are one trend the fashion community can’t seem to shake.

Instead of knocking them (because how many Jesus sandal jokes can you really make?), why not try out a pair? Now, before you violently shake your head no, check out these outfits that make the Birkenstock sandal seem less like something out of fashion hell. Keep an open mind. With the right pedicure (because you cannot walk around in these shoes AND rock crusty feet; choose one or the other, buddy) and a cute outfit, Birkenstocks could become, well, bearable.

A Gladiator in Shorts

Birkenstock #1

Not every Birkenstock sandal comes in that hideous shapeless style; some come in a slightly less hideous gladiator sandal style. This style is cute for the spring and summer when you can rock it with a nice pair of high-wasted shorts. Wear a 3/4-sleeve or long-sleeve shirt to balance out the short-shorts. Check out the shopping details here!

Daisy Dukes

Birkenstock #2

This outfit is another good one for warm weather. With bright yellows, blues, and whites, it has a summery-effect. White Birkenstocks feel less offensive because white almost always creates a clean line and it looks good with the light brown base of the shoes. Also, white makes almost every skin tone look a little bit tanner, and who doesn’t want a nice tan for warmer weather? Check out the shopping details here!

Beige Summer

Birkenstock Outfit #3

Here’s another shocker: Birkenstocks don’t all come in depressingly lifeless shades. They can come in some pretty awesome patterns and shades. These particular Birkenstocks for this outfit come in a pretty beige pattern. Play them up with simple gold and brown shades, which will give your look a clean golden glow. The shape of the Birkenstock may still be tragic, but the pattern and shade don’t have to be. Check out the shopping details here!

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