10 Things You Could Do If You Weren’t Attached to Your Damned Phone

“You’re ALWAYS on that phone,” my mom sighed in my direction as I swiped through the hots, nots and thots on Tinder one evening. I couldn’t even come up with a clever retort or cohesive denial, because she was so right. My water-damaged 16GB iPhone 4S is attached to my gel manicured fingers from the moment I wake up and swipe-snooze my first 7 a.m. alarm up until the end of the day when I stalk a crush’s Facebook wall one last time for good measure. I’m not alone. We’re in a digital society where tweets replace real talks, emojis replace emotions and mobile upload Facebook albums suffice as our only memories.

Reboot, a national nonprofit, realized this and created the National Day of Unplugging project. This weekend marks its fifth anniversary, and its awareness has grown every year. Kudos to those that are living life unwired and offline this weekend. Seeing that I have a few more blog posts to produce, I’m going to sit this one out this year. But fret not! There’s still ample opportunity to participate. If you do, let me know how life is on the other side.

[Lead image via Complex]

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