Why Matthew McConaughey Is Having A Better Year Than Everyone

Matthew McConaughey accepts the Oscar for best actor for his role in "Dallas Buyers Club" at the 86th Academy Awards in Hollywood

Matthew McConaughey is literally the hottest person in existence right now. Winning awards left and right, starring in meaningful movies, changing the face of television — and looking completely beautiful the whole way through.

The McConassance is upon us, and it is amazing and I hope it never ends.

Here are 8 ways McConaughey is having a better year than everyone: 

1. True Detective. If you aren’t watching this show, I probably have nothing to talk to you about until Sunday at 10PM when the finale is over. Also, go watch it. McConaughey is seriously at his finest. Also, note the hair transformation: what a beautiful thing.

2. This Scene from The Wolf of Wall StreetEven if you hated Wolf, you can’t deny the absolute brilliance that is McConaughey in this scene. Fun fact, this wasn’t scripted. Turns out Matthew does this chest beating/chanting/serenading before big scenes as a way to relax. Because, of course he does.

3. This outfit at the Oscars. Dude has never looked better.

3. Hello. Dallas Buyers Club. Do you all remember when McConaughey was in like… Ghosts of Girlfriends Past and 10 other movies exactly like that? I never would have saw these kinds of performances flowing from that actor. And yet, he absolutely crushed this role. And the physical transformation was unreal. Was I still attracted to him as a 90 lb bull rider with HIV? Yeah, maybe.

4. This Beard: It happened once, I want it back.

5. These Abs:

6. This Face:

7. This Speech: He gave us all exactly what he wanted, and I freaked. So much love for his Alright, Alright Alright shout out. Sigh.

8. You Guys, puppies:

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