So THAT’S Who Unfriended Me. Betch. & More in Today’s Candy Dish

In high school, I was close friends with this girl who I’ll call Priya. We’d exchange “Twilight” books and pore over the pages of Vogue during lunch break, and text about our crushes underneath our desks in math class. Sadly, Priya and I lost touch over the years as she stayed in Georgia and I went to D.C. for college. That’s life, though. About a month ago, I noticed that my friend count went down by one person. I assumed that someone deactivated their page for the time being and just moved on with my life…until Refinery29 shed light on the handy dandy Unfriend Notify, a browser extension that pinpoints which one of your Facebook “friends” unfriended you. It’s a lot more convenient than guestimating, but it hurts. Man, does it hurt. As expected, Lena Dunham slayed on SNL last night. What would be on your relationship exit interview quiz? Grind time with the Biebs. Bae? Never really understood why some cars have pink moustaches until now… [Lead image via AddictiveTips]