5 Quintessentially College Fashions You Need To Break Up With Immediately


I’ve been out of college for a while (I won’t say how long because it’s depressing), but there’s one thing I can clearly remember about my days as a student: The fashion (or lack thereof.) There are a few items that every college girl seems to love, but trust me when I say that you’ll regret having bought all of them immediately after graduation.

So I say, why perpetuate the sartorial status quo? Why not buck these college fashion trends in favor of slight variations on them. You’ll stand out in the crowd and you won’t have to cringe every time you look through your Facebook photos a few years from now. Win/win!


Boyfriend sweats: Save your cash and just borrow a pair of these from your man. These sweats will do nothing for your figure – and no, rolling them down on your hip doesn’t make you look any cuter. Go for the boyfriend jean instead – it has all the slouch and comfort of the sweats, but looks so much better. If you must stash one pair of supersized, ultra comfy sweats in your closet, be my guest. But save them for extremely hungover days when all you can is roll around in bed while spooning a box of pizza. Or nights spent alone on your couch – and let’s be honest, you’ll spend very few nights alone on your couch in college.


Rubber flip flops: I used to insist on wearing these babies all the time when I was in high school. My parents hated it, pointing out that they were glorified “bathroom slippers.” And you know what? They were right. Instead of buying a pair of these in every color, why not just buy one really beautiful pair of flat sandals? Whether you prefer a neutral leather pair or something with a lot of embellishment, you’ll look instantly put-together if you upgrade to a nice pair of sandals. You can keep those rubber flippies you already own and use them as shower/beach shoes.


Extremely short, ultra-tight LBDS: There’s nothing cute about a dress that clings relentlessly to every part of your bod (even if that bod is Gisele-level-perfect.) This sort of dress is not your friend – it will inevitably ride up too high during a wild night, and it won’t have much function in your post-college wardrobe. Instead opt for a dress that is subtly sexy.

Here’s a trick I swear by: Identify the one body part that you love showing off (for me it’s almost always legs) and pick a dress that puts that part front and center. In order to really do this, it should be fairly conservative everywhere else. I love slightly loose, long-sleeved dresses with modest necklines and not-so-modest hemlines – it’s a great way to draw the eye to the legs. If you have great shoulders, go for something slightly and looser on the bottom but bare on top. You get the picture.


Yoga pants/leggings: I understand that they’re extremely comfortable, but really, is it so much harder to throw on a pair of jeans? Yoga pants are just that – pants made to be worn while doing yoga. If you simply can’t handle the thought of buttoning up your jeans in the AM, invest in a nice pair leather (or faux leather) leggings. Pair them with an over-sized sweater (cover your butt, ladies!) and you’ll look much more stylish.


College sweatshirts: They’re so overpriced! Here’s my take on college sweatshirts: You should probably buy one because school spirit is a good thing or whatever. But I see so many people who own several of these and I just don’t get it. Opt instead for some really cute hoodless sweatshirts that are everywhere right now. They may not tell the world that you’re getting a degree, but they are cute. Especially this too-perfect-for-words one.

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