Lady Gaga’s Former Assistant Tells All In Scandalous AMA

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Jennifer O’neil, Lady Gaga’s former assistant who sued her for unpaid overtime, did an AMA. She answered all of our delicious questions about the myth of Lady Gaga. TL;DR: Basically, Lady Gaga has a big ego, even though at heart she may not necessarily be an evil person, she has never, ever been sober but apparently doesn’t abuse drugs either, she doesn’t care about other female pop stars and has no interest in celebrity feuds.

Probably the most interesting tidbit to me is that her image in 2008/2009 was largely created by a team and not at all the manifestation of her talents. What’s more interesting is that as her career progressed she began to take more control of her image and music and in doing so has been steadily flopping into irrelevance.

Jennifer, the assistant, seems rather levelheaded and not acting out of meanness, although is there really any other reason to do this? Lady Gaga appears to be a demanding egomaniac but not some sort of diabolical monster trying to destroy or exploit her fans.

Is Lady Gaga Mean?

Was lady gaga a bitch?
When she wanted to be.

Would you describe her as a nice kind person?
To her fans.

Despite the lawsuit and issues surrounding pay, how did she treat you as her personal assistant?
She was a very kind girl. But she had her moments, I’m not going to bash her but I’ll keep it real that she definitely has a big head now. The demands for me became much bigger once she started getting bigger. Very over the top, she walked around like she was Queen. But when you have 100 people screaming outside of your hotel anywhere you go, it’s hard not to fall into the mindset that you actually are a queen to people.

What did Gaga do behind the scenes that shocked you?
I wish I could say. But I’m not here to ruin her image.

Does She Come Up With Those Crazy Ideas Or Is She Manufactured?

How much of what she does if actually from her, and how much of it is from her creative team?
In 2009 I’d say about 80% of it was her creative team. 2011 she definitely took on more control and now I think she may have more control than ever.

Would you describe her as a normal person that appears psychotic to the public because of all the publicity and what not or a psycho that got famous partly due to her “strange” qualities?
A normal person that appears psychotic. I think I’d praise her ability to act 24/7 more than I’d praise her creativity.

Is there any rhyme or reason to her outfits?What was the most ridiculous thing she ever asked you to do?
There’s not really a rhyme or reason. She basically sits on her laptop all day like a 16yr old, she runs thru all the gossip sites, tumblr, twitter, etc. She gathers imagery and ideas in her head and then she finds a way to make it ridiculous. She never wanted to wear something that wasn’t going to piss someone off. Especially during Born This Way, she wanted everyone to think she was a mess. I have no idea how her mind works with her costumes now.

Why do you think artpop flopped? And yes, ATRL and all the delusional monsters there, it flopped. Hard. Katy wins!
She’s lost her way. She lost alot of her creative team and people who made her “LADY GAGA.” It’s not impossible for her to remain on top, but it’s definitely difficult when people like Matthew Williams are no longer the masterminds behind your imagery.

Does She Abuse Drugs Or Alcohol?

What’s her worst habit?
She smokes a lot of weed.

Does Gaga have an active problem with substance abuse?
I don’t think so. She has never stopped doing drugs though. She’s definitely not clean. LSD, cocaine, molly, etc were all a part of her creative process pre-albums.

On Celebrity Feuds

Do you know what really happened with Perez Hilton?
She just didn’t want to revolve herself around him after a while. He got offended and made it his job to try and bring her down when he could I guess.

So which fellow popstar does she dislike the most?
Madonna is really mean, that’s all I’m gonna say. I don’t know who she dislikes the most. But if I was her, I’d dislike Madonna most. And no I won’t go into detail.

Has Gaga ever deliberately tried to sabotage another artist before?
She was a smart business woman. She used to be able to find ways to bring attention to herself always. If a contemporary had a video coming out that day, she’d release something for her fans on Twitter so that the focus is still on her. 

What does gaga really think of other pop artists such as kesha, katy and rihanna?
She had no problems with them, but there were a few that disliked her for whatever reason. She was a huge threat back in 2009. Everyone’s labels were telling their pop artist’s to be more like her.

What are Gaga’s true thoughts on her pop contemporaries? Does she really like Katy Perry, or is she jealous of Katy’s success? Also, is she really in it for the music, or is it all about success (like it seems)? Thanks for doing this!
She’s in it for the music. She doesn’t really pay mind to her contemporaries. Literally, she wouldn’t even comment, look or care about what they had going on. She worried about herself and her own success. But from the looks of it now, seems like she may care about the success more than ever.

Is Gaga Who She Says She Is?

Is she very promiscuous? She comes across that way.

No, that’s the image she wants people to see but she’s very clean when it comes to sex. She’s only slept with people she is in a relationship with as far as I know.

Is she really bisexual or is she merely pretending to be to cater to the gay target?

I’m sure back in her gogo days she kissed plenty of girls, and maybe even dabbled in a vagina or 2. Whether or not she feels she’s bisexual because of that is up to her.

Hi, is it true she has always been rich and pretended to have a tough upbringing in NY before fame to mimic Madonna’s life story?

She’s always been well off. Her story may be tweaked a bit, but I believe her when she says she was bullied.

On The Court Case

What do you think of ARTPOP?
Never heard it.

How bitter are you?
I was extremely bitter when I was fired, and I’ll admit that. Now I’m not bitter at all.

How many free YSL items did you get using her discount?
Lies lies and more lies. We had a very civil court case.

Can you describe the overtime pay situation? Why do you think what happened was unfair? If you were to look at this from Lady Gaga’s point of view, why would she have disagreed with you?
I was being paid a lot of money, I won’t lie. It’s not like she wasn’t being generous. I saw her as a friend for most of my time working for her. It wasn’t until the end that I looked back and realized how much time I devoted to her and how little I had to show for it. Anything she needed, I got for her. She’d be on her computer for 10 hours and I’d be running up and down to get her whatever she needed.

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