Ren & Stimpy’s Creator Draws Epic Miley Art For Bangerz Tour

Former Ren & Stimpy cartoonist, John K., created all of these incredible images for Miley’s Bangerz tour. This feels like a great raunchy marriage of artists. Ren & Stimpy was by far one of the most crass, dirtiest, totally inappropriate shows for children and Miley is one of the most crass, dirtiest, totally inappropriate singers for children. It isn’t hard to imagine Miley rolling up a blunt and watching Ren & Stimpy, so I totally get why she would want some of John K.’s signature toilet humor style for the Bangerz tour.

John K. said of Miley’s antics to Rolling Stone, making an excellent point, “I’m kind of surprised when I read this stuff that everybody’s shocked that rock & roll is edgy. Hasn’t that been going on for 60 years? Isn’t that the point? I don’t think anybody who writes these articles is actually shocked. They just figure it’s a good way to sell magazines. Kids want rebellion. I don’t know why anybody’s shocked that there’s rebellion amongst youth today.”

In other Miley news, she can’t seem to remember her own lyrics and needs a teleprompter when she’s on stage. Hey, we all know Miley loves to toke up and that shit can affect your short term memory. Check out some of John K.’s amazing images below.


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