Watch the Newest “Game of Thrones” Season 4 Trailer & Other Links to Read in Bed

game of thrones season 4

With the first season of True Detective over, my Sunday night now has a void that needs to be filled. Truth be told, I all but forgot about Game of Thrones and its upcoming fourth season premiering on April 6th. This morning a new, full-length trailer is making the rounds (this is no 15 second teaser) and shedding light on what the upcoming central plot lines will be. You’ve got your brooding Jon Snow, your crusading Mother of Dragons, your crazy Cersei being crazy. Kings Landing, who knew I could miss you so much?

Watch the entire minute-and-a-half sneak peek right here!


The True Detective finale recap you need to read.

Jennifer Lawrence‘s Oscars date (her BFF) wrote an essay on her experience at the awards. It’s hilarious!

Come from a big family? Then you’ll be able to relate.

Will you read the Victoria’s Secret tell-all book?

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