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Demon Cat Attacks Baby and Traps Family (Plus Wimpy Dog) In Bedroom


portland cat attack

A 22-pound house cat from Portland attacked a 7-month-old baby Sunday night, sending its family – including a dog – to seek shelter in a bedroom until police could arrive on the scene. The cat, who reportedly has a “history of violence”, swatted at the baby’s face, causing the baby’s father to kick the cat in the butt. Understandably, this violation of personal space did not sit well with the feline, who proceeded to freak the f*ck out.

Authorities said they could hear the black and white Himalayan loudly screeching through the phone when the family placed the call. One can assume its cries were akin to that of a sorority girl whose boyfriend tried to convince her surprise anal was a good idea. Let’s just say that cat was not having it.

When police arrived on the scene, the cat fled into the kitchen where it perched atop the refrigerator. Some brave soul was then able to snare the cat and place it in a travel crate. According to the official report, the cat was left safely behind bars in the care of the family. There’s no word yet as to what the family intends to do with the demon cat.