Let Lupita Nyong'o Inspire You To Wear More Color

Can I just say what’s on everybody’s mind? Lupita Nyong’o is so beautiful. (We already told you why she’s our current girl crush.) She is also super talented – and I’m not just talking about her acting skills. Lupita has managed to completely dominate every Red Carpet ever. I mean, girl can dress. Her gowns always fit her impeccably, she’s always event-appropriate, and she does something I find extremely difficult – she always wears color.
And not just color – seriously vibrant, unexpected shades that really pop. I personally don’t know how she does it because I wear black almost exclusively, and I know I’m not the only one. As we head into spring, let’s all look to Lupita for some inspiration and maybe one of these days we can all embrace bright shades as fearlessly as she does.

#KissForPeace with AXE and CC To Win 2 Tickets to the Final Four
#KissForPeace with AXE and CC To Win 2 Tickets to the Final Four
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