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We Can’t Even Hate On Lena Dunham’s Glamour Photo Shoot


lena glamour

I’ve hated on Lena Dunham’s fashion styling before. I am not a fan of the often 1970s detective lady look. Yes, I realize this is shallow. No, I am not telling Lena Dunham to change her fashion preferences because of my incredibly biased opinions about fashion. (I’d dress all women in leather jackets and YSL tuxedos if I could.) However, this time around I simply cannot hate on the styling in this Glamour photo shoot. It feels young and fresh and not pretentious like that Vogue photo shoot where they put a pigeon on her head. That was so strange. This time around it’s just Lena, with minimal photoshopping, cool clothing and an edgy cat eye. She does look a tiny bit uncomfortable in that red dress but that could just be the pose.

Lena said of her personal style, “I feel prettier with a naked face and ChapStick. But a good haircut makes a huge difference.” Truth. That pixie cut changed her entire look from Brooklyn Vegan chic to modern Twiggy chic. Check out the great pics below.

[Via. Glamour]

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