5 Versatile Ways To Wear a Classic Black Blazer

classic black blazer

The black blazer is a game changer. It’s one piece that can make so many outfits look more sophisticated, polished and fashionable. You can dabble in fast, affordable fashion but if you top it off with a black blazer that fits your body well, you’ll look like a million bucks. Seriously, I’ve seen the magic this thing can work.

I know you may be thinking, “Where am I going to wear one of those other than to, like, a job interview?” But take it from me, you don’t have to channel that professional vibe in a blazer – though you’ll definitely be glad you have on one hand the next time you do have a job or internship interview – you can use a blazer to create so many different looks. Here are a few of my favorites.


Glam: Top of a hot little dress with a looser blazer, add some sky-high pumps, sparkly earrings and a clutch. You’ll look super classy but also glamorous and dressed up.


Disheveled: I love pairing a blazer with a pair of ripped up jeans or short. It’s just a really cool contrast when you’re looking messy from the waist down and really put-together from the waist up.


Casual: A plain white tee shirt or a loose gray v-neck look amazing under a blazer. It’s a foolproof outfit that’s insanely easy to throw on for class.


Matchy: If you have a pair black shorts lying around, try this: Pair them with your blazer and a pair of heels. You sort of look like you’re wearing a suit, except it’s a shorts suit so it’s way trendier. Add anything from a white tee to a printed silk tank. It’ll work.


Boho: Black blazers breathe polished life into a boho ensemble. Start off with a maxi, add wedges and a few beaded necklaces for your standard ethereal look. Add a blazer – preferably a cropped, fitted one – and you can rock that boho-ish at night.

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