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8 Fool-Proof Ways To Embrace a Fun and Healthy Spring Break


healthy spring break

Spring Break is a big friggin’ deal. We wait all term to just hang out with our friends, party, and not worry about that good ol’ GPA for a week and a half. All we care about is our flight time, the UV index at our destination, and what cute boys we got seated next to on the plane. However, if you’ve started that healthy lifestyle smoothly since the new year (or stumbled gracefully with very few knee scrapes, like me) you need a plan of attack for keeping on track while still optimizing your fun.

What I think kids forget is that you can def still have a great time while on vaycay and come home not hating yourself. Here are 8 simple ways to stay on track this SB:

1. Use your urge to be outside as a sign to get movin’. Almost all of us will be going places that are better than campus. Most of which will have better, if not way different, climates than the home front. I’m in AZ currently and am lovingggg the sunshine. My best friend lives here and she’s really active. We’ve already gone on hikes in the mountains and walked to nearby stores and shops.

Coming from Chicago (getting one of the worst winters in history over there this year, no joke), just being in the sun doing relatively moderate activities has made me feel awesome! This on top of regular exercise really makes me feel like I won’t backtrack while I’m out here. So pick a cute boutique you don’t have at home or a healthy fro-yo place a few miles away and catch up with your friends on your way there, you’ll be surprised at how much you enjoy it!

2. Don’t be afraid to check out the local stores. Since my friend moved out here she has freaked out about the awesome grocery chains they have. I love to cook and we both try pretty hard to eat healthy, so I asked her if we could go so I could buy some healthy items she’s been telling me so much about.

First of all, if you come to AZ from Chicago, food is so cheap! It was awesome! WinCo Foods is a staple out here. They have these huge drums full of healthy — and not so healthy — foods to buy by the weight. I got quinoa here for the first time and made us a recipe with maple syrup, cinnamon and almond milk. You can seriously save so much money doing this. We’ve only eaten out a few times. Also, I found it fun to plan elaborate healthy meals together on Pinterest. One day while you’re winding down together after a day in the sun, snuggle up on the couch and pin away for the next day.

3. Get your friends involved. Although I’m really lucky and have a best friend who is super supportive of living healthily, some of you might not be so lucky. Before heading out, maybe ask one or two of your gals who you know have been working hard, too, or really want to make a change to join you. Tell them that it is going to feel great coming home not having a 10-day hangover and not throwing up during your first at-home workout. You can bond by exercising before everyone wakes and even support each other when making food and drink choices while you’re out with friends who don’t follow a plan. Teaming up is always a great idea!

4. First thing, check out that fitness center. I feel like whenever I go anywhere warm, there is a fitness center closer by. Not sure why, maybe it’s because the locals need to be babes for more time out of the year? Either way, most hotels you stay at will have a fitness center. Don’t wait until half-way through your stay to go check it out. Jumping right in even though it’s a new environment will get you comfortable quickly.

Even if where you’re staying doesn’t have a true fitness center, go make that running trail next to your hotel your bitch. You don’t even have to run the whole time. For example, run for five minutes, do serial lunges, body weight squats, planks in the grass, then repeat 5 times.

5. The pool can be your best friend, and your worst enemy, in a good way! I’ve gone and hung by the pool a few times, and, regretfully, since I literally suck at swimming, I haven’t turned it into a workout yet. I think it would be a really great idea to give yourself 15 minutes of magazine/relaxation time, then force yourself to jump in and do laps for five. Obvi during spring break perfect laps may be difficult so you can just do you best, anything is good as long as you keep movin! This way you stay cool and burn a few extra calories, I’ll try if you do!

6. Splurging can still be fun, in moderation! Just because we’re in a healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy that super special, way over the top, regional margarita at dinner, or this really cool waffle truck (Waffle Crush, they’re great!) that adds things like whipped cream, chocolate and Biscoff (look it up, sooo good!). My friend and I are still finding ways to indulge even though we committed to a healthy lifestyle. We made awesome frozen drinks for an excursion to the hot tub one night, I felt like the one drink was still so fun because I was having it in a place that I normally don’t. Just make sure to drink lots of water so your tummy and head don’t hate you after!

7. This nicer weather also calls for summer recipes we can’t exactly make in the dead of winter at home. There are just certain things that taste better in specific climates. Just like I wouldn’t make beef stew in the middle of July, I won’t make things like corn on the cob or grill out in December. We really took advantage of the weather here for our cooking. Yesterday we bought 3 really ripe, delicious avocados and made a huge bowl of fresh guac. We ate it while we grilled whole wheat quesadillas on the grill. It was one of the more satisfying dishes I’ve had in a while, maybe it was just because I literally ate it next to a palm tree, but who cares.

We also bought 12 oranges for $.50 straight from a farmer’s driveway, and found a woman selling fresh eggs for $4 too. It was fun to explore locally and cook with the ripe foods. Usually in-season items make everything taste amazing. So, add to your experience of a new place and shop locally, it’ll probably be a while before that corn tastes that good at home.

8. Please ladies, respect the sun! This one is sooo important, but I know so many of you will abuse it anyway. I understand wanting to get back home and have it be obvious you had an awesomeeee time, but don’t go overboard. Put on sunscreen, please. I am known for never going in the sun, and I even indulged a little. I let myself out of the shade for about 20 minutes, then called it a day and lathered up. You will seriously love yourself when you’re 45 if you’re careful now.

I really want to be a part of a lovely and graceful generation when I’m older, but I’m nervous we’re all going to age looking like elephants because of our abuse of tanning. Be satisfied with a gentle, healthy glow and keep that SPF next to you at all times! Also, make sure to drink way more water than you usually do while out in the sun, you won’t regret it!

What exciting places are you going to this SB? Are you making any plans to stay on track there? Tell me below to help me find new ways to stay on it for the remainder of my trip and maybe even help some fellow CC ladies!

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    Becca is a college senior studying English lit, French, and marketing in Naperville, Illinois. She loves a warm cup of tea and a great book, and a puppy wouldn't hurt either. She hopes to one day work in the publishing industry.