An Open Letter to the Most Incredible Lipstick I've Ever Worn

Dear BITE Beauty Matte Crème Lip Crayons,
The moment I saw you, I knew you were special. Your exterior was sleeker than most. You were just so vibrant; your plain black casing couldn’t dull your shine. Even from all the way across the room, everything else seemed lackluster in comparison to you.
You aren’t easy to get ahold of. You only come in six shades, and they aren’t very easy shades. They’re bold and bright and they demand a lot attention. But they’re worth it, I know they are. My mom told me you weren’t good for me. She said you were overwhelming and intense and she predicted I would get tired of you, so I left you on the shelf and I went about my day – but not before I tried on one of your shades. I just wanted to see what we would be like together.
After that I couldn’t get you out of my head. I tried to tell myself I could live without you – really, I did. But after a few days, I knew we needed to reunite. I decided to work on myself until I was worthy of you – the next time I visited you at my local Sephora store, I brushed my hair and swapped my glasses for contacts and even wore a bit of concealer. I tried you on again – this time in every shade available. I couldn’t decide between two of your shades so I bought one of each.
It was the best $50 I ever spent because you taught me about myself. Before I met you I thought I couldn’t wear bold lipstick without looking like a clown. I thought matte lips required patience and time and exfoliation. But with you, it’s easy. I can slick you on, and in return and you demand nothing of me. You leave my lips in better condition than they were before. And you always smell so good.
So, BITE Beauty Matte Crème Lip Crayons, thank you for coming into my life. I know you won’t be with me forever, but I intend to make the most of every day we get to spend together. Thank you for lighting up my face.
Zara Husaini, Bold Lip Enthusiast
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