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Sorority Member Forced To Sizzle Like Bacon, Drink Till She Passed Out



State police are investigating a hazing incident at the University of Connecticut involving the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority and Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity.

“Hillary Holt told reporters Friday that she was taken to the Sigma Alpha Epsilon’s off-campus house on March 6 and forced to commit humiliating acts, including being told to lie on the floor and pretend to ‘sizzle like bacon.'”

Sizzling like bacon (a reference to the film Dazed and Confused), that’s not humiliating, it’s hilarious and exactly the kind of hazing that should replace binge drinking and violence but,anyways, that’s not all that happened. Hillary said she was pressured to drink alcohol until she passed out. Not hilarious at all. When Hillary woke up in the hospital her blood alcohol level was three times the limit.

Hilary said that sorority and fraternity members literally held liquor to their mouths. “You have seven to nine people yelling at you, girls and guys, and if you don’t do what they tell you to, the consequences could get worse.”

Nationally the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity has completely removed pledging as a part of the process to join the frat in order to crack down on this kind of behavior. Brandon Weghorst, a national spokesman for Sigma Alpha Epsilon, offered an apology to Hillary, “SAE offers its apologies to Miss Holt for any hazing or ordeal that she may have been subjected to, especially in a Sigma Alpha Epsilon house. And we apologize if any of our members were responsible for those actions. They are not consistent with our expectations.”

Kappa Kappa Gamma and Sigma Alpha Epsilon have been banned from all activities on campus pending the investigation.

Sizzling like bacon doesn’t seem so bad.

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