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Kim Kardashian Wore Kylie’s Bikini & More in Today’s Candy Dish



Kim Kardashian just doesn’t know when to quit it with trying to prove she is a tiny mother-effing woman. Do you remember back in the day when she and Khloe made that video where Kim tried on all different pairs of jeans and showed the camera what size they were? She had to prove that she could fit into that double zero, dammit.

Now, she’s at it again, cramming all her curves into half-sister Kylie’s already skimpy bikini. Kim’s boobs are fully on display in the top’s “keyhole” (more like gaping window) cutout. God only knows what her booty looks like. Oh wait, she took a photo of that, too:

Kim, please stop. And that black robe isn’t fooling anyone. Take it off and you know your behind is falling out of those teeny bottoms. No shame in having a big butt, just clothe it appropriately and quit being in denial.


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