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5 Popular MAC Lipsticks And Their Cheaper Dupes


mac lipsticks

Fact: Everybody loves MAC lipsticks. They’re super pigmented, they are sleekly packaged and they have clever little names. Some of them – like Ruby Woo – have even reached cult classic status.

MAC lipsticks definitely have a lot going for them. What’s not so great about them though? The price point, for one thing. They aren’t wildly expensive, but they’re not exactly college-girl-cheap. They’re also so popular that they’ve become common. Oh, and I’m allergic to something in their formula, so there’s that.

In light of this, I’ve figured out a few ways to achieve the same fun look MAC lipsticks are known for from other products. Shoutout to all the bloggers out there for sharing beauty tips and making this possible.

revlon really red

Ruby Woo dupe – Revlon ‘Really Red’: This is a similarly true shade of red – a bright, wearable shade that’ll flatter a lot of skin tones. I’ve heard the formula is a bit creamier, which is nice. This is also a much cheaper alternative to MAC’s color. Ca-CHING.


Angel dupe – Maybelline ‘Pink Please’: If that pale-and-frosted-lips look  is your thing (it’s not mine at all but to each his own), then you should take this shade for a spin. It’s not quite as shimmery as MAC’s, but the pale, pink-tones color is pretty darn similar. I actually like the look of this better than the more expensive MAC version.


Impassioned dupe  – Covergirl Triple Lipstick in ‘Watermelon’: I love ‘Impassioned.’ I don’t own it (I do own a few MAC colors even though there’s the whole allergy thing) or even anything similar to it, but I think it’s a fabulous color. It’s neon and vibrant and just so fun. The great thing about colors like this one is that they don’t have to be high-quality to look great. I’d invest in a classic red from a high-end company, but because these brights don’t have to look so perfect, you can totally rock a cheapie. That’s why you should just get Covergirl’s Triple Lipstick in ‘Watermleon’ instead.

nars funny face

Girl About Town dupe – NARS ‘Funny Face’: Girl About Town is crazy vibrant and just straight up awesome. I love the hot fuchsia shade so much, sometimes I’ll just wear it and let my lips suffer for a few days afterwards. But as great as this shade is, I think NARS ‘Funny Face’ is better. The finish is just more solid somehow. This is one case were the dupe is more expensive – but if you live for neon lips, it’s worth the investment.

wet n wild 999

Taupe dupe – Wet n’ Wild Liner in ‘999’: Mac’s ‘Taupe’ is neutral and endlessly wearable. It adds barely any color, but the little pigment it does have just even out the color of your lips and brighten your face. I discovered Wet n’ Wild’s 999 lipliner years and year ago. I can’t say I still use or even know it, but I do remember it being a very similar shade….and a very, very cheap one. I know you’re thinking ‘okay, but it’s a liner, not a stick.’ To that I say, just slick some chapstick over it to preserve the matte finish and go. Clear gloss would work too if you don’t mind some shine.

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