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Is A Walk Of Shame Kit Really Necessary? Sort Of But It’s Totes Sexist


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Remember all those times in college you saw guys walking around in the same clothes they wore the next morning and people said he was doing the ole walk of shame? Nope. Yes, because the walk of shame is only for women and this kit is only made for women too. Because getting laid is totally shameful right, ladies? The best thing ever in the world is totally bad, right?


The idea itself is actually cool though because it’s basically an emergency sleep over kit with toothbrush, dress, flip flops, wipes, a drawstring backpack, sunglasses, a cancer awareness bracelet because why not and “call/don’t call” cards for your hookup. However, one would think an emergency kit would be a little more compact for your going out purse. Still, calling something the “Walk of Shame Kit” implies that shame is inherent to the experience of a woman having sex. I think it’s fair to say we can make these kinds of kits on our own in much cuter purses.



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