10 Hot Celebrities Who Happen To Be Taken. Damn.


Confession: though I intern for a celebrity weekly, I still have trouble keeping up with the ins and outs of Tinseltown. This was apparent as my coworker and I were discussing – what else? – guys. Hot ones. I brought up Jamie Dornan, the actor/model slated to play Christian Grey, and how I’d SO be his Anastasia.

“He’s married, right?” she said. “I think he has a baby, too.”

No way. I didn’t believe it. Or didn’t want to, at least. I looked it up and sadly, Wikipedia doesn’t lie…his marital status was right in front of me in twelve-point font.

A wise Mane named Gucci once said that girls are like buses. Miss one, next 15 one’s coming. I wish the same could be said for men – taken ones, at least. These smokin’ hot husbands, boyfriends and fathers possess a certain brand of sexy that can’t be duplicated. Kudos to the lucky women that get to claim alladat. I respect it. But there’s no harm in looking if you can’t touch…right? Right.

[Lead image via mirror.UK.co]

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