GIRLS Recap: Season 3, Episode 11 ‘I Saw You’ [A Bro’s Thoughts]


Patti LaPone, Adam & Ray’s bromance, and Marine’s fledging music career all return in the penultimate episode of Girls season 3. Hannah and Jessa stayed annoying, and there was a weird subplot involving an old lady in Marine’s new art gallery job. Girls seems to fall back a little bit this episode, but hopefully we’ll get a better finale.

In Which Hannah’s Neurosis Finally Seemed To Get The Best Of Her

‘Everything’s my business.’ It’s a simple statement, but I’ve heard enough girls say it to realize that usually whatever you’re referring to ISN’T your business. Hannah decides to self-destruct due to the fact that life isn’t bending to her will, even though she isn’t putting any effort into making any change. Adam’s doing all he can to appease her in light of the situation (which I do understand she really didn’t have a say in), but his personality almost makes this situation something Hannah should have seen coming. Sure, it might have taken Patti LaPone talking to her husband for this to really sink in, but c’mon. We all kind of know Adam at this point. You really didn’t expect something like this from him?

The monologue that gets her fired at GQ felt so forced and over the top. It seems like it was supposed to come off as some grand gesture about being the ‘unhappy chubby girl’ but instead came off as ‘entitled prick.’ It just rubbed me the wrong way. I don’t know if that was the point, but frankly, I’m just so tired of Hannah. She has worn me down a lot in the ways that she has worn Adam and the rest of her friends. Hopefully, the break up that’ll happen in the finale will jolt some change into her, but with the way Girls is written: probably not.


In Which Marnie Just Keeps Trying And Trying

While I’m kind of stoked that Marnie went back to Ray, I’m pretty unhappy about the route the show took to get her there. Jessa just walking in and stealing what could have been Marnie’s halfway ‘dream job’ was only an appetizer towards the absolute cringe that was the open mic night. Marnie obviously is falling for a dude that’s unavailable, and it seems like in my life IRL and on TV, there’s a lot of ‘the other woman’ syndrome going around. Still, you have to give Marnie credit for putting herself out there and trying some things and maybe getting hurt. It’s the most interesting she’s ever been, and I’ll dare to say (thanks to the total misuse of Shoshanna) the highlight of the season so far.

Other than that: I miss Adam and Ray’s bromance. The tub/shaving scene is something that I haven’t necessarily done exactly, but definitely have had conversations like that while say my roommate was in the shower and I needed to brush my teeth before work or something. Dudes do that. If you can’t see the other dude’s dick, it’s fair game.

Jessa is still pointless while Shoshanna has been spitting some truth, especially to Hannah. It looks like next week Shoshanna is going to have some trouble with her graduation, so that’ll finally be interesting when you know the news of Marnie + Ray is going to get to her. Combining Shoshanna with the over-drawn Adam + Hannah breakup on the horizon, we might have an interesting finale. Might.

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