10 Things We Did In Our Childhood That We Should Totally Still Do

There’s this terribly misguided idea that certain things have stop when you “grow up.” I have no idea what growing up means. I am 24 and have friends as old as 40 and I can’t tell you no one ever says they woke up one day and suddenly felt like adult. Yes, we’re all in different phases of our lives and wisdom coming with experience is totally true but the process of aging doesn’t mean we have to eliminate all the fun things in our lives. Aging shouldn’t be a somber activity or the process of fun removal. It doesn’t make sense to give up things you enjoy, yet, I’ve found the older that I get the further removed I feel from things I used to enjoy like: outdoor activities, big groups (albeit dramatic groups) of friends and messy crafts projects. Why does being 24 mean I can’t play double dutch anymore? Or roll around the floor making silly noises? Or spin around until I get dizzy? These are harmless things that gives us pleasure, so I say, let’s bring some of ’em back. Not all of them because I am so not wearing a diaper.

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