The Selfie Stick Allows You To Take Awesome Selfies And Be Forever Alone

There’s a new product called the “Selfie Stick” that basically puts your camera or iPhone on a stick so that you can create the perfect selfie because you can take photos from further away than if you just used your arm. You will probably also look really ridiculous and you will also have to carry a stick around with you but the perfect selfie might just be worth it. The selfie has grown increasingly popular among Asian teens.
Soulaya Lestary, 20, from Indonesia, told The Huffington Post: “We use social media all the time and because we’re shy to ask someone, [to] take picture of us,’ it’s easier to do it ourselves.” I guess it’s great for shy people but there has be a less dorky way to take a good selfie then just putting it on a stick. Would you use the selfie stick to up your selfie game?
People Using The Selfie Stick


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